curioser and curioser…

The shop has been open for five days now, with four more days and two workshops left to go – Today also saw the start of Audiences Central ‘Take me, swap me, drink me’ campaign, which is offering free tea to visitors in tremendous orange t-shirts with ‘curious?’ on them, which has ensured Mark E. Smith’s noggin has been in my head all day – look out for the stickers posted around Queens Square. They’re also running a mug designing competition, so head to the Curiosity Shock to take part!

It’s all going by tremendously quickly, and we’ve had some excellent responses to the work thus far – I’ve been having a play with the camera around West Brom:



I also got a nice view of my hand and the shop when i was checking out the view from on top of the fire alarm

The workshops are getting there too – Saturdays was making masks and trick or treat bags out of paper bags, poster paints and egg boxes. Yesterday was the pumpkin carving day, and the left-over bags were a perfect size for the terracotta creations to lie flat in so people could take them home on the day, or leave them in our pumpkin patch to dry:

The ongoing workshop is also taking shape, with the first submission being from Mr Albert Bridge:

So, so far, so good! tomorrows workshop is making origami bats, with the added luxury of tea – who could resist!

See you all there,


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